This poem is shared by Mike Kitto of Weatherford, Oklahoma. It was written by his gr-grandfather, John W. Kitto in 1895, just after the death of his mother. John was born in Biscovey, Cornwall and Bapt. at St. Blazey Gate in 1854. He and his father immigrated to Canada and then on to the US. The "lonely tomb on Cleveland hill" is a grave site on top of a small hill in Fry Hill Cemetary, Lucas, Iowa.


              Written in memory of our sainted mother, who departed this life the third of July, 1895, aged 66 years, 1 month and 12 days.

Death’s awful messenger again
Has visited our home,
And taked her who lived for you
And left you here alone;
Alone you feel, I care not though
Your children all were near you,
And each one do all in their power
To comfort, help and cheer you,

She’s gone, that one whose hand you clasped
And thought perhaps no more
We’ll meet again, when you said goodby
And left old England’s shore.
Again and again she stood alone
To battle with her fate,
While we went forth to find a home
How patiently she’d wait

For the welcome message come; and we
Would realize her worth
When she resumed her sacred place
Around the family hearth.
She was through all her spotless life
Devoted to the end.
A loving mother, faithful wife,
Companion, guide and friend.

She's left us, though perhaps if we
Could only see her now
With George and Leah by her side,
A diadem on her brow,
Her father, mother, sisters, friends
Who just had gone before,
All gathered there to welcome her
On that eternal shore,

We’d cease to mourn for her as one
Who entered the unknown
Without a ray of hope, she said
“God only called her home.”
There’s a lonely tomb on Cleveland hill,
There are mysteries none can tell;
Her sufferings past, she rests at last,
With mother ALL IS WELL.

John W. Kitto

Mike Kitto




Copyright ©1996-2000, Roger & Roberta Peeples

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